Book 20: Candide

Candide by Voltaire
Candide by Voltaire


This marks the halfway point! Candide by Voltaire was a suggestion from my sister, and kindly lent to me by a friend. The back cover says “he whisks his young hero and friends through a ludicrous variety of tortures, tragedies and reversals of fortune…. The result is one of the glories of eighteenth-century satire.”

Review: This would have been a funny book except for the fact it is still so bloody relevant now. Voltaire was fighting against the callous disregard some people have for others. I’m deeply saddened that more than two hundred years later it’s still an issue.


Started: May-ish/2017
Finished: 2/7/2017
Location(s):  tram, house
Target: 20/20


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